Best Wedding Photographers in Delhi- Price, Reviews and Info

When it comes to weddings you have to plan uncountable things and one of the main things is budget. And in a selected budget you plan ahead with the venue, décor, food, etc. Then there is photography. Photography is not only the most important thing you should decide on but also a priority.

It is important because the photographer will capture one of the most special milestones of your life. It is a part of your life story you do want to cherish in the future with your better half, your family, friends, kids, and grandkids. 

Who we are?

CoolBluez Photography is led by Supreet Kaur who started this journey with her heart and soul and with a vision to take pre-wedding and wedding photography to an advanced level. CoolBluez’s goal is to deliver great moments to couples and their families to treasure them for a lifetime.

Their involvement with the clients and getting to know them during the process is what makes CoolBluez photography one of the leading media houses in New Delhi and India. 

CoolBluez photography house consists of 40 members. There are teams divided into different departments, like photographers, cinematographers, editors, graphic designers, and others. Their offices are situated in New Delhi and Noida and outside India in San Jose, California, USA. 

Why Hire Cool Bluez Photography as Your Wedding Photographers

CoolBluez Photography has a group of talented and experienced skilled photographers. Their main goal is to offer a wedding album that will be the reflection of a dream wedding the client has envisioned. They want the clients to have a beautiful and memorable album that they can treasure for a lifetime.

CoolBluez style of photography is to capture personal stories with a meaningful narration on your special day with utmost care and creativity.

CoolBluez delivers their performance with absolute perfection whether you are looking for Photojournalistic, traditional or cinematic styles to shoot for your wedding events. In case of a destination wedding, CoolBluez is ready to go to any end just to capture one of your happening milestones shared with your better half.

CoolBluez photography uses modern and updated equipment and gear while shooting your big day. They are not just experienced but innovative as well. One of their offers is the lip-syncing pre-wedding videos, where they make the couple perform on a selected song and the couple lip-sync the song with their performance.

Coolbluez follows and experiments with new trends, that is why they are setting up benchmarks for all the brides and grooms to be. They have countless weddings in their profile that have been making quite a buzz on social media platforms.

They treat every client differently as every client is unique and the thought process and involvement with each of them differs. This is another reason why they are ahead of everyone else in the market.

Services Offered by Coolbluez Photography

CoolBluez is known for its modern appeal towards their work and their splendid services. They offer in-house processes for photography, film shooting, and editing. For the shoot, they will do all the arrangements like props, hunt for locations, makeup, stylists, and the other requirements if needed.

They also offer covering destination weddings which is another key reason for them being on the top of their game and known as one of the best photography houses in New Delhi. The services they provide are:

  • Wedding photography: They cover the day of the wedding starting from the small rituals of both the side of the groom and bride to the main event that is the wedding with capturing all the details. 
  • Candid photography: Candid can be done anyway, there is no fixed way and that is why it is called candid. There is no choreography or execution needed in candid shots. The photographer has their own style and time while capturing shots. 
  • Traditional photography: People are experimenting with photography styles for their wedding day, but there are couples who like to opt for the traditional route. Coolbluez Photography is known to evolve and adapt but sometimes the traditional way is something which people appreciate, especially in events like weddings.
  • Themed photography: Many couples and families like to follow a theme and CoolBluez is absolutely open to clients’ ideas and thought processes. And CoolBluez likes to personally involve themselves with the clients to understand them. 
  • Bridal photoshoot: CoolBluez photography has a team of professional photographers who excels in taking artistic, candid, and portrait shots. And bridal photography is one of the services which requires portrait-style photography. From getting ready bridal shots to solo portraits at the venue, they wouldn’t leave any area uncovered to make your wedding day, the most special day of your life. 
  • Destination wedding photography: CoolBluez photography offers to cover destination weddings. They are ready to cover the distance to cover the moments for their clients to make a box full of treasure.
  • Mehendi photography: Mehendi ceremony is one of the most vibrant events at a wedding that can’t be left without capturing. The mehndi shots, the bride flaunting her mehndi, mehndi decor, and other shots from the mehndi ceremony make your wedding album filled with more memories.
  • Event photography: Apart from weddings, CoolBluez photography offers to cover other kinds of events too like a bachelorette party, birthday party, etcetera. They are known to carry the latest equipment that helps them to cover events with different themes and backgrounds. 
  • Pre-wedding photography: Pre-wedding shoots are very common nowadays. Almost all the soon-to-be-married couple decide to get their pre-wedding shoot done at their preferred location. Pre-wedding shoots done by CoolBluez display the amazing chemistry between the couples. It helps the couple in every way possible to have a fun time and create memories that will remain in their memory for lifelong. They create deep meaningful montages of the shoot. Coolbluez photography can also help and refer to some locations as nowadays couples travel to mountains, or any other beautiful destination to get their pre-wedding shoot done. 
  • Engagement photography: CoolBluez photography shoots and creates montages of engagement in such a way that as if you are watching a cinema. They are experienced photographers and cinematographers but at the same time, their innovation and creative space are what make the shoot for the couple and families awesome. 
  • Portrait: CoolBluez photography is one of the best photography houses in New Delhi and one of the reasons is their portrait-style photography. Their eye for every angle shot is amazing and their workmanship is always genuine and personal because everything is done in-house.
  • Cinematic wedding videos: CoolBluez photography is not only known for their amazing photography but their wedding films have been setting up benchmarks for all the brides and grooms to be. A Delhi wedding is mostly filled with action, fun, and emotion just like a Bollywood movie, and CoolBluez’s cinematic shots inspire people for their wedding pictures and film. 

Things to keep in mind while booking photographers in Delhi NCR

Hiring a wedding photographer is not an easy task. There are facts to consider before you go and hire one for your big day. Searching for a photographer who will understand your style, theme, and vibe of photography and give your imagination a shape of reality is easier said than done. So here are some of the facts you need to discuss before hiring:

1.     YOUR DREAM/DESIRED PHOTOGRAPHER: Is there some desired photographer, whose work you adore and always dreamt of hiring for your big day and make it memorable for you. Then check their availability before selecting anything else and book them in advance. This will get one task off your wedding list. 

2.     BIODATA AND REVIEWS: When hiring a wedding photographer start by knowing their biodata. You need to know when they started their journey, how many years of experience they have, and then check reviews of their work from their previous clients. The year of experience and reviews will help you figure out whether to approach them or not. You will get every information online nowadays. 

3.     SAMPLE ALBUMS: When talking to the photographer, whom you want to hire, for your wedding, ask them for one or two full albums of their previous wedding event as a sample for you. You may have seen some of their shots on their website or social media page or the portfolio but not the whole album. Look for shots like candid, traditional, or modern. Check whether they cover every moment properly or not, especially the small moments which you would want them to capture. Check the consistency of their shooting pattern because that is what makes a photographer expert.  

4.     PERSONALITY AND ATTITUDE: This is something that no one feels is important but the personality and the attitude of the photographer and the other member is important. The personality and attitude reflect on their shooting style and the way they communicate with the clients and other people.   

5.     LEAD PHOTOGRAPHER: If you are hiring a media house like CoolBluez Photography where there is a team of photography, ask them who is going to lead the shoot. The ideas and if there is any concern you can then directly talk to the lead. This will make things for you easy as well as the photography house. 

6.     POST-PRODUCTION: After everything is covered by the photographer, discuss the exact number of deliverables and package like the number of raw and edited images, the Behind-the-scenes video shot, reels, the full album, and the video of the wedding. Describe the themes and vibes and then discuss the quality of the pictures and videos. Don’t hesitate to ask them if they want you to get involved while selecting pictures and video shots. 

Things to discuss with your wedding photographers

There might be a lot of questions in a couple’s mind before hiring a professional photographer and we say, do not ever hesitate to talk or discuss with your photographer. After all, these are the people who will be on their toes the whole time around the couple to capture everything in the best way possible. 

7 things to consider before hiring the photographer

  1. BUDGET: The charges change from event to event as it depends on the group size of the crew members multiplied by the number of events after adding all the post-production expenses. If you do have a fixed budget in mind then hire someone under your budget radar. And if you have a number of photographers on your list then compare all of them with the service they offer to their clients. Always keep in mind that wedding photography is a lifelong investment, as these memories will stay forever.
  2. STYLE OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Sit and discuss what kind of style or theme you want your photoshoot to be done with your partner. Do thorough research and take inspiration from apps or sites like Pinterest and Instagram. While researching, look for different styles so that you will be able to share your ideas with the professional photographer.  
  3. THE IMPORTANT NITTY GRITTY: Make a list of things like the venue of the wedding, the number of people attending the wedding, and how many events you want to get covered. In an Indian Wedding, there are few rituals before and after the wedding which are equally important. Note down for how many hours or days do you want the photographers to shoot, do you have any other ideas like doing a proper photo shoot on another location with or without themes. Making a brief note of all of these will help you explain to the photographer what exactly is your vision so that they can bring it to life. 
  4. HIRING: So this is an important discussion to have with your partner. In an Indian wedding, there are rituals before and after marriage on both the bride and groom’s side which both parties celebrate separately in general. So, it might happen that the other party will also have a photographer to cover the before and after marriage events. Clear all confusions beforehand so that on the main day there should not be any chaos or issues. Discuss each and everything with the photographers to solve it if an issue is raised.
  5. DISCUSS WITH NEWLYWED COUPLES: If you want to know how it is having a wedding photographer at your wedding amongst your people, talk to a couple who went through the same drill. A newlywed couple would be a perfect and living sample of having a wedding photographer and their experience will be of great help as they can tell you what to avoid or approach. The questions or issues you should get cleared with the photographer in advance and other kinds of stuff too can be resolved.
  6. RESEARCH: Some of you might think that why burden yourself with so much but as mentioned earlier photography is like a long-term investment, you will not regret it. And if you don’t want chaos at the last minute of your big day, slowly start making a list of everything. Things like what kind of photos you want, the vibe, the mood, effects of the image, collect inspiration to show it to the photographers, etc. 
  7. BOOKING: Book the photographer first as soon as the dates get fixed before fixing anything else. Photography takes time to prep and that is the reason wedding photographers get booked in advance. Not only the prep but also they have to line up schedules too, so if you book them in advance it will help them to stay clear on your given date. So selecting a wedding photographer should be your topmost priority.

Charges of Wedding Photographers In Delhi NCR

Every soon-to-be-married couple nowadays hires a wedding photographer as they want to capture every moment to cherish for their entire lifetime. The budget makes the client decide on a wedding photographer and the prices of every photographer differ from service to service. An experienced, skilled, and talented wedding photographer will charge about 1.75 lac and onwards per day.

There are various factors depends on the cost such as the total number of pics, venue, number of events, daytime or nighttime. And if the client is all set for a destination wedding then the cost of transportation is added to the expense.

CoolbLuez photography’s cost varies from service to service and they are one of the best because they do not compromise with their quality of service and are consistent with their work.

Frequently asked Questions about Wedding photographers in Delhi

What is the style of photography at COOLBLUEZ?

CoolBluez photography’s style of photography depends from event to event as they are experienced with almost every style and they are open to new trends and are constantly evolving with new styles. They have always been passionate about telling a story via their pictures.

They capture weddings in the traditional, portrait, and candid style most of the time. Candid shots can be the bride and groom getting ready or just following them around. The portrait shots are not necessarily the bride and the groom shots only but also the family.

If the couple is more involved in the process of the photoshoot during the whole wedding then the approach of the photographer is photojournalistic. So, CoolBluez photography is known for its variation in service and that is what makes them the top leading photographers in New Delhi and India. 

How many Pictures do you click on an event?

CoolBluez photographers click around roughly 6000-7000 pictures in two days. Later on, they sit with the editing team and select the ones to deliver in the album.

Any photographer will not give away all the pictures as you have paid a professional to deliver the best quality images and film. So, it is their job to sort out, edit and arrange everything for the client.

Should we have separate wedding photographers for the bride & groom side?

CoolBluez Photography does not recommend or offer separate wedding photographers for the bride and groom. There are many cons to hiring a separate service as it will clash at some point making it difficult for both sides.

Especially the post-production process will be very difficult to coordinate among the two sides. When you hire one photography team there is a single plan, execution, and other requirements. All will be under one roof and there won’t be any difficulty of coordinating too.