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CoolBluez photography: An Exemplary Wedding and Pre Wedding photography Hub

This husband-wife duo has given their heart and soul to take the wedding photography and pre-wedding photography to an advanced level, which delivers great memoirs to the couples. Capt. Pawandeep Singh, a Pilot by profession is the core soul of the CoolBluez R&D. He is an extremely innovative guy and has revolutionized wedding photography and cinematography.

Surpreet, always had passion for photography and developed it over the years during her travel to London while flying for Virgin Atlantic Airways for more than 10 years. She heads the photography team at CoolBluez. It is because of their personal involvement with their clients and their team, is why CoolBluez photography is now India’s leading photography house. They have highly skilled professional photographers and cinematographers in their team.

CoolBluez photography is a small team of 20; and includes photographers, cinematographers, editors, graphic designers, and other teammates. Everything is in-house in CoolBluez, be it photography, film shooting, film editing or photo editing. We do things in the most creative way for the couples. We do arrangements for the props, location, makeup, stylists, as well as, we fulfill any other specific requirements of our customers. Having done so many Destination Weddings across globe, we feel proud to say that we are amongst the Best Destination Wedding photographers in India. We have offices in New Delhi, India; Noida, India and San Jose, California, U.S.A.

We have matched our explicit photography skills with the latest technology providing wonderful experience to our customers. We capture the most beautiful moments of your life in both traditional and candid styles to enhance the beauty of the each and every moment naturally. To make the most out of your wedding and pre wedding experience you can completely rely on us. We both, along with our highly skilled team of photographers and Cinematographers, shall give you wonderful memories to cherish for your life.

customer testimonials

Vaishali Batra

Absolutely in love with Cool Bluez Photography. A very hard-working bunch of photographers, love their picture concepts. Extremely nice services. Very realiable and talented team.
With their app feature things are very easy. Overall very user friendly access.
I'm in love with all the pictures.
Great work:)
Also they make the best videos.

Shefali Narang

Superb work:) The team does excellent job...From wide shots to zoom shots...everything is captured nicely...Keep it up

Manpreet Kaur

would highly recommend coolbluez, awesome photographer, they cater you so well as per your needs, team is great to work with.

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About CoolBluez Photography

CoolBluez Photography was a dream seen together by Capt. Pawandeep Singh and his better half Surpreet Kaur. A bond not by marriage but by heart made them plan a journey to become the best wedding photographer together.

What could be more adorable for a couple than sharing a common interest? 

Probably nothing!

Adrenaline rush for travel and passion for wedding photography brought them to the list of trending wedding photographers worldwide.Capt. Pawandeep Singh embraced his love for wedding photography by learning more about wedding photography and cinematography. 

Surpreet Kaur, one of the core strengths of  Coolbluez Photography, ameliorates her skills in London while serving Virgin Atlantic Airways for over 10years. With a never giving up attitude, she has become the inspiration for the team at Coolbluez photography. 

Coolbluez Photography is a pioneering name in the industry because of the determined efforts of this husband-wife duo. Working with the team of best photographers and cinematographers, CoolBluez Photography is a vertically-integrated photography company.

No matter what kind of photoshoot you look for, we go the extra mile to cover them. Having experience in serving clients worldwide makes us the best destination wedding photographers in India and overseas. 

Being a couple in love tied to marriage, we understand what your wedding dream means to you. This sense is enough for us to maintain our enthusiasm to capture the best wedding story of yours. 

Our hardworking team always adds magic and elegance to your photographs to fulfil your wedding fantasy. 

So, Are you ready to live your wedding fantasy?

For the Perfect Countdown to Your Wedded Bliss
Set to get married with a countdown to the special day, you should consider pre wedding videos from CoolBluez for a romantic and fun-filled start to the festivities. Capturing moments of love, joy, nervousness and anticipation with exemplary innovation, CoolBluez is the best pre wedding photographers in Delhi. With offices across the globe, there is no destination to which this team of best wedding photographers in India does not deliver.

CoolBluez Excels in:

  • Use of top-quality gear and equipment
  • Knowledge of art to create beautiful, compelling photos
  • Skilled understanding of emerging technologies and trends
  • Flexibility and mobility to offer quality photography solutions anytime, anyplace, anywhere
  • An impressive array of client testimonials and rich collection of portfolio projects
  • A personal touch that adds a special feel to your marriage memories

Capturing the Chemistry
Pre wedding photography can display the amazing chemistry between couples through the lens of ace photographers to become special moments to remain etched in your memory forever. Pre wedding photo shoots offer couples a chance to bond and explore the remarkable feeling of being cared for, in a run-up to the wedding. Create deep and meaningful montages and videos of your first date, engagement or first trip together as a couple with the CoolBluez team of photographers to carve out memories that will last a lifetime. With the latest equipment, an eye for angles and shots, and in-house team to handle every aspect of the photography, you can get workmanship at its best, from CoolBluez, the premier photographer in India for the best photos and videos. Best pre wedding videos from CoolBluez can even be included in your marriage celebrations. Pre wedding snaps from the Coolbluez, the best pre wedding photographers in Delhi can be part of the wedding invite too, for the personalized, innovative touch.

Best Photographers in Delhi
Delhi is the hub of all the big Fat Indian weddings. All the weddings in Delhi have a luxurious feel to it. We have extravagant venues in Delhi and photography plays a vital role in enhancing the beauty of such places.
Brides and grooms hire CoolBluez as we are the best photographers in Delhi and have vast experience in successfully delivering all aspects of any big Fat Delhi wedding.

We are the first choice for top photographer in Delhi and have worked with top vendors of the country.

All the action, fun and emotion that you see in a Bollywood movie, is what you can witness in a Delhi wedding. As a photography company, we are pioneers in wedding and our quality and consistency in innovation, gets us bundles of love and appreciation from our brides and grooms. We go on setting up new trends with our innovation and ideas and are unbeatably the best photographers in Delhi.

Best Photographers in Delhi India
Our wedding photos and films have been setting up benchmarks for all the brides and grooms to be. People take inspiration from our wedding pictures and want to follow the style.

With countless weddings in our profile, we have been making buzz on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. Every client is unique, so the thought process and involvement with each and every client, is, what makes us ahead of everyone else.
When you think of weddings and wedding photography, CoolBluez photography tops the list as we proudly are, the best photographers in Delhi.