Best Wedding Photographers in Thailand

Coolbluez is the right choice to make when you have a big day ahead, and your wedding memories need to be preserved for a lifetime. Thailand’s best photographers; CoolBluez was conceived by the husband-wife team of Capt. Pawandeep Singh and Surpeet Singh who have a wealth of experience in creating the perfect videos and photos. From the engagement shots and pre wedding photography to the big moments and the special, sacred ceremony, your CoolBluez photographer and videographer will be able to create high quality images and montages that use special effects and candid shots to recreate the special flavor of the event.

Photos Reflecting Special Moments

Wedding photos set the tone for memories and your photos need to capture the theme you worked so hard for on your big day. For photos that will be shared and treasured for years to come, you need a true blue professional and this is where CoolBluez comes in. Thailand is a dream destination for a wedding and your perfect memories can become a reality with us. Quick to capture all those moments you want to cherish forever in your album, the images we create will help you to celebrate your special day anytime, anyplace and anywhere. Choose the best wedding photographers in Thailand, with us to create photos and videos that speak from the heart.

For a Picture Perfect Special Day

Share your memories with others, with high quality cinematic videos from us, the true professional when it comes to capturing your personal storyline. Get powerful and emotionally moving narratives and sound effects along with pictures that capture the true mood of the moment. For inspiring photos and videos that naturally captivate and gather those special moments, We are the perfect choice. The leading candid, destination or cinematic photographer and videographers, CoolBluez is the one to steal special moments and make images and montages that are stunning in every sense of the term.

We offer:

• Professional photography from the classic to the candid
• Unmatched skill and expertise
• Dedicated team of professionals with experience and knowledge
• Quality equipment and advanced technology
• Innovative creativity that powers powerful photos

For captivating, compelling and breathtaking wedding photos and videos that will steal your heart, and capture the soul of the wedding ceremony, choose the best wedding photographers in Thailand, CoolBluez.